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Picture this. The Head of your department at work launches into some in-house jargon about the importance of teambuilding, empowerment, "developing our skillsets", and "thinking outside the box"...

Then the boss might utter something about having an awayday. "Something that gets us out of the daily routine..." "Something to motivate our development..." Usually at this point, the phrases "...have some fun" and "Any ideas?" are also uttered!

Next time you're asked this question, offer:

Fun When You all Drum!

Of course, you don't have to be a group from your place of work: a Fun When You Drum workshop is ideal for all ages, and for any social gathering.

Spend a couple of hours, a half-day - or even a whole day - being a percussionist. I'm not just talking about whacking things uncontrollably, here. I'll provide a large assortment of high-quality instruments, and teach you how to apply tempo, rhythm, control (and volume) when you're playing them.

I'll set tasks that will develop every individual's creativity, and test how group members depend on each other to get the best results. Your group will work together to compose - and perform - a short symphony for drums and percussion. You'll see how good (and bad) timing affects everyone else around you, and recognise how and where things may need to be put right. (Whether it's in a music performance or in the workplace, similar principles apply!)

Even those who say that they don't have a single musical bone in their body will be surprised at how quickly they find one! Usually, within a few minutes of hitting something with a drumstick.

So give it a bash! E-mail me or phone 01295 758644 for more details.

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