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Fun When You Drum Tutor Book

  Read what some of the world's greatest drummers have to say about the FUN WHEN YOU DRUM! tutor book.

(A book designed for the Beginner, written by GARY MARSHALL).


Quote from CHUCK SILVERMAN (Master Educator, Author and Player).

"Fun When You Drum is a perfect book for the beginner. While many books tend to overlook the most basic elements of drumming, Fun When You Drum covers them in depth. Good work, Gary!"


Quote from DAVE MATTACKS (Fairport Convention, Sessions including Elton John, George Harrison and Jethro Tull).

"A very good introduction for the beginner, a fine book."


Quote from MARK MONDESIR (Courtney Pine and Bryan Ferry).

"Gary, your book is an excellent formal introduction into the practical world of drums. The advice you give provides so many short cuts, to save the student time and expense."


Quote from PAUL FRANCIS (Bill Wyman, Steve Harley-Cockney Rebel).

"Gary's book Fun When You Drum has an excellent approach for a beginner. The detailed exercises are well-written and easy to follow and give a good overall grounding on the drum kit."


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