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Gary your students are in safe hands studying with you.

Neal Wilkinson
(Van Morrison, James Morrison, Joan Armatrading, Paul McCartney, session artist including many Films, T.V. shows, recording and touring)

I wanted you to know that [Arthur] really looks up to you and thinks you are an amazing drummer (as do we).

Michael Andrews

Mr Marshall!

You are an inspiration! I have been practising my rudiments today - honestly!

Loved the lesson today. It was motivating and fun and inspiring! You are the best drum teacher in the world... ever! Thanks so much for today. You are a star!

Nick King


Hi Gary,

Just to say thanks for the workshop last Saturday! It was ace and goes without saying you're a great teacher :) Hope we weren't too much hard work for you! :D

Melanie Brooker

Thanks for today's lesson Gary. Absolutely loved it! Will be in touch ... sure I won't stay away for long! Really enjoyed it ... great teaching style.

Nick King

Hi Gary,

thanks for a great recording session on Monday, I really enjoyed your playing and your drum sound and it was very nice working with you.

Mickie, Owner, Hats Off Recording Studios

Hi Gary

Just a quick one to say thanks again for tonight's lesson and that I'm really pleased with how Jacob is coming along with his drumming so thanks for your great tuition!

Rob Gray

Hi Gary

Phillip so thrives on praise; I had noticed him having far more fun playing and coming out of his shell when he does. Your encouragement, excellent tuition and band playing have helped, no doubt. Thanks so much!

Anne Brady

Dear Gary,

Hello! It was a real pleasure for me meeting and working with yourself ... very professional, and relaxed, too (which is how sessions should always be, in my opinion!).

I will definitely be keeping your details for any studio session work that comes along, as I really enjoyed working with you and your very nice sounding drum kit.

I will keep in touch, and hope to see you again soon.

All the best,

Mark, Blue Moon Recording Studios

It's the best name in the business Fun When You Drum, says it all doesn't it...proud to have you as an endorsee Gary and even prouder to have you as a mate.

Dean Bowdery, Protection Racket

Gary has turned what was going to be a tool for my career into something I highly enjoy and have become very interested in :D It's because of his enthusiasm and love for the drums which has inspired me! Cheers Gary

Alex Di Cuffa

Just wanted to drop in say hi and let you know that since your coaching I have had an absolute ball. I've played with some quality musos in a number of bands...

...For anyone reading this, Gary's a great guy, great tutor...

Oliver Taylor

I started having drum lessons with Gary nine years ago as a snotty nosed ten year old with very little co-ordination and even less knowledge of how a drum kit works. Fast forward many coffee fuelled early Sunday morning lessons and I'm looking forward to a professional music performance degree course at one of Europe's finest music academies. So much of how far I've come is down to Gary's dedication, approach, determination and pure enthusiasm for the instrument. I can safely say that without Gary's guidance, I would not have experienced music in the variety of ways that I have. He is a privilege to work with and undoubtedly one of the best drum tutors in the UK.

Joe Nicklin

Yes it was a good lesson. I always enjoy them and the hour just seems to fly by which I think is a good sign!!!!! They do say that time flies when you're enjoying yourself.

I should think that all your students say that they are enjoying it..... for me it really is the best part of the week and I do look forward to it immensely. I know that I have only been doing it for a couple of months but I feel that I am progressing and learning and having fun at the same time which is great.

Andy Moody

Dear Gary,

Just a note to thank you very much for the time you spent with our children recently. I was very disappointed not to have seen part of it but everyone I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and said the pupils found it all very stimulating.

Thank you also for the bag of goodies - as soon as the photos are developed I will post you some.

Looking forward to another visit from you, if you would be free to come again, sometime next year.

Yours sincerely,

Estlle J. Kiefert.


Stonking lessons, Friday was great felt like I really achieved something!! All of a sudden, that fence does not appear to be so high and today I just relaxed a bit more and it felt good. Cheers for all the effort that you're putting into everything for me.

Andy Moody

Hi Gary

Thanks so much for your feedback. Really encouraging and makes it all worthwhile. I'm also pleased to see how much Franchesca genuinely enjoys herself when playing the drums! I appreciate the professional and fun way you approach the lessons.

Elena Wilcox

Dear Gary,

Thank you for Sunday morning, you came across to Matthew as being a very nice person, and he can't wait to start lessons. We look forward to seeing you at the next lesson.

Thanks again,

Roy Loveridge

Dear Ronan,

I started drumming four and a half years ago, at the age of 39. I have managed to get into two bands and have just played my 33rd gig. I could not have done this without the help and encouragement of my drum teacher, Gary Marshall of Banbury. I would like to thank him through the pages of Rhythm Magazine for all his guidance, and say that it is never too late to start drumming. My only regret is that I did not take it up 20 years ago.

Best wishes

Jonathan C. Philips


... Gavin ... has improved tremendously since coming to you for lessons. He is actually getting enjoyment out of playing which is all we want.

Thank you,

Morag Thomson


Just to let you know that Tom played brilliantly on speech day at school, what a credit to your wonderful teaching.

Many thanks for all you have done

Gill Beddow

To all the guys @ Fun When You Drum.

I just went on your website and felt that I must congratulate you. It was totally the BEST site I've seen for ages!! I can see that it is enjoyed by many pro drummers, but also novices like myself.
I have recently decided that I would like to learn to drum at a kit, so I really learned alot from your site. So I was wondering if I could get some info about lessons from you, as I can see that you really know your stuff.

Thanks a lot, your site is WICKED!!


Shelly McDonald, Chester

E-mail from Kevin Garnett.

Great web site and all that, any chance of a page on stick spinning and swing/shuffle rhythms. The tuning page was fantastic and I am getting some speed on my paradiddles now. I have learnt alot and would like to say THANK YOU!!!


Jack has decided that he wishes to stop his lessons for the time being due to other commitments at weekends. I would like to thank you, on his behalf, for the tremendous job you have done teaching and inspiring him as a drummer. When he began over three years ago, I had my doubts on how long this interest would last and also whether he had any aptitude. Under your guidance he has developed to a degree that still astonishes me. His drumming continues to give him pleasure and he will continue with his school band. Many thanks again...

Keith Jones

Phillipa wouldn't miss her lesson, it's the highlight of her week!

Nathan Askew

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