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Zildjian Artist Session

Gary attended the Zildjian artist session in London 2008, mixing with the cream of British drumming.

Zildjian Artist Session

Gary attended the Zildjian artist session in London 2007, mixing with the cream of British drumming.

Drum Fun @ Zildjian HQ

(Entering the Zildjian Factory)

After a life long dream of visiting the Zildjian factory, I finally made plans to visit both Zildjian and Boston in November. I wasn't disappointed! Needless to say the Zildjian factory was everything that I had dreamed of and more. On my tour I met John King (main cymbal tester), Emily Zildjian (daughter of Zildjian vice president Debbie), Debbie Zildjian (vice president of Zildjian) and I was beautifully looked after by James McGathey (Artist Relations Manager). Old friend Dave Mattacks (world class session drummer) met me there whilst picking up his cymbals and helped me pick out some killer cymbals to take back to England. Choices were 20" Constantinople thin hi bell ride, 20" Constantinople medium hi bell ride, 13" Constantinople bottom hi hat, 13" K top hi hat, 20" oriental china and a 17" prototype crash.

(Me & James McGathey - Artist Relations Manager)

Walking through the "hall of fame" and seeing all the photographs of the greatest drummers of all time who came to the factory to select their Zildjians was very daunting but thrilling at the same time. Likewise standing next to Buddy Rich's drum kit which takes pride of place next to the drummers lounge was incredible. This was especially cool for me as I saw the great Buddy Rich when I was 18 years old and it changed my life with the drums forever. My tour concluded by experiencing first hand, the rolling, cooling, lathing, hammering and cutting of the cymbals. I also watched the Zildjian logo being applied to the cymbals by means of a laser!

(Me & Emily Zildjian - 15th Generation of the Zildjian Family)

Towards the end of my tour I had my photo taken on Ringo's drum kit and viewed many other great drummers' kits gracing the entrance to the factory.

(Me on Ringo's Drum Kit))

I hope to be back at the factory again sometime in the future.

(Me & Dave Mattacks)

As the factory is closed to the public, why don't you take a virtual tour to get a feel for the place @ also check out their many fine cymbals and accessories too? For more information and study on cymbals, check out my free lesson on cymbals.

School band to join stars at top UK festivals

Some of my students (Joe Nicklin - Drum kit, Oliver Newman - Percussion and Josh Bennett - Percussion) from Warriner School play in a band called the Warriner Rants. Here's part of an article about them.

Young musicians from the Warriner School will be performing alongside stars like Elvis Costello, Joe Cocker and Bonnie Tyler at a top festival next month.

BIG-NAME ACT: Elvis Costello is one of the
top musicians who will play at the Cornbury Music Festival

A group of pupils aged 13-16, who perform in the folk/rock band the Warriner Rants, have been given an honorary spot on the main stage at the Cornbury Music Festival.

They entered the schools band competition and were one of 12 groups picked from more than 50 entries to play in a final on the second stage with the chance to win 1,000.

But festival organisers were so impressed by the Warriner Rants that they also gave the opportunity to perform on the same stage as the superstars of rock n roll.

Gary's students played at the world renowned Cropredy Festival. Joe Nicklin, Oliver Newman and Josh Bennett formed part of a band called The Wrants. In August 2006, they had the opportunity to perform at Europe's largest folk/rock festival in Cropredy, Oxforshire, UK. They opened on the Thursday afternoon for their heroes, Fairport Convention who host the annual Cropredy Festival. To learn more about the festival and Fairport Convention go to

Extract from an article from the BANBURY GUARDIAN: 

Drumming up final place

A DRUM teacher from Banbury is delighted at one of his pupil's success in a national competition.

Gary Marshall teaches 13-year-old Ashley Sims, from Oxford, who has reached the final of the Best Drummer in the UK, 16 or under competition.

Only 12 out of 362 applicants reached the final which is to be held in Birmingham on Sunday.

Gary said: "Ashley has been studying drums with me since the age of eight and is now 13 years old. He has done brilliantly to get to the final.

"The judges at the event include some of the greatest drummers in the world - Derek McKenzie from Jamiroquai and Mark Mondesir who has been drummer for Bryan Ferry and David Bowie."

Other judges will include the head of Premier Drums George Frederick and editor of Rhythm drum magazine, Louise King.

The winner will go on to appear on the bill with drumming stars at an event called Best of British Drumming in February.

Pictured above: the finalists at the competition.

Gary at the Premier Percussion stand at the Music Live Birmingham, UK,
November 18th 2000.

In 2000, I had the pleasure and privilege of teaching at the Premier Percussion stand at Music Live, a music exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. I was teaching alongside Jim Kilpatrick (world solo snare drum champion 12 times), and internationally famous Australian drummer Virgil Donati. I also met Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Kate Bush, George Michael), Neil Wilkinson (Average White band, sessions), and Pete Riley (sessions).

The day was a challenging one. Not only did I have to teach but I also had to answer drum-related questions from the tidal wave of aspiring drummers! It was a great way to meet people and introduce drummers to my FUN WHEN YOU DRUM! message. The teaching part involved a Premier drum booth where you could book a drum lesson with the three tutors, or just go in and play! The lesson lasted approximately 20 minutes and the student had the chance to play one of the new Premier Artist maple drum kits.

There were also drum workshops throughout the day featuring Virgil Donati, Pete Lockett, Charlie Morgan and Steve Washington.

The whole day was a great success and I wish to thank everyone at Premier Drums for making me part of the team.

The following were all involved in the event, so do check them out on my links page.

Premier Percussion and Pete Lockett.

Bye for now


Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting and learning from the great Dave Weckl. I attended his drum clinic, and was invited to see his band perform at the world famous Ronnie Scott's club in London. The Dave Weckl Band is one of the hottest bands I have seen. Go and see them if you get the chance. They also have a couple of albums, including SYNERGY which I highly recommend you buy. The styles on this album range from an African feel to New Orleans, and from Jazz to a beautiful ballad.

All in all I can say that Dave is not only a world class drummer, but a really nice chap! I have linked his web site to my links page, so what are you waiting for?

Pictured from Left to Right are:

Phil Solomon, Dave Weckl, Paul Francis, Crissy Lee, Myself and Dave Webster.

I taught at the very first DRUM ABILITY teaching day with ace tutor/players Paul Francis and Phil Solomon. The day was a great success with students ranging from Beginner to Advanced. The venue was Paul Francis's Orchard Percussion studios in Colchester. The day finished with 30 students and teachers jamming on drum kits, snare drums, and anything they could find! This included Mr. Loon himself Phil Solomon playing a metal chair!

From Left to Right:

Phil Solomon, Myself, special guest Crissy Lee, and Paul Francis.


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