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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the drummers who have been in touch, with questions, etc. I am glad that you are all learning something by reading my lessons page.

The following exercises were inspired by a song from Joe Satriani's Extremist album (Rel 471672 2). The song is called Friends, and the drummer on the track is the great Gregg Bissonette. Even though the track utilizes a slow Funk beat played more in a Rock setting, I feel there is a lot more for the drummer to achieve with a bit of imagination. So here goes!

Go through all the basic exercises till mastered. Then take each one in turn, and change either the bass drum pattern or snare drum pattern. Then add maybe some open hi hat firstly on the 1, 2, 3 and 4, beats then on the E's, next the &'s and finally the A's. Also try playing the hi hat parts on the snare drum, whilst using your hi hat to count time by opening and closing with your foot (see my lesson on the Hi Hat). You could also take the exercises onto the tom toms by playing the hi hat part on the small tom tom, and the snare parts as normal. Then move the E's, &'s and A's (pronounced ah) beats around the rest of the tom toms.

Please note exercise 4 has been left blank for you to fill in your idea.

Last of all, position a second snare drum on the opposite side of your hi hat (tuned differently to your main snare drum). Play the right hand strokes of the exercises as normal on the hi hat, and the left hand strokes on the second snare drum. Everything else is played as normal. If you are able, play these as Ghost strokes (see my lesson on Ghost Strokes). Also if you are left handed, just reverse everything that is written.
When you get through this lot have a cup of tea! You've earned it.


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