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Here I will be dealing with bass drum substitutions. Many drummers including Terry Bozzio, and the late Buddy Rich, have used similar ideas to the following with startling effect. Not only for better co-ordination, but also for fills, rhythms and solos. When practising these ideas use tempo changes, dynamics, and as many ideas around the kit as you can.

Exercise 1 is a simple single stroke roll between the hands and foot. This is a good exercise as it uses both the stronger and weaker hand, leading off the foot.

Exercise 2 uses both hands alternating, with strokes on the bass drum.

Exercise 3 swaps the single strokes around the drums, more difficult!

Exercise 4 uses a group of two beats with the foot and six with the hands. You could also try two with the foot and four with the hands. Plus two with the foot and two with the hands. Then mix them up to make fills!

There is a great book by Colin Bailey called BASS DRUM CONTROL. The book can be used for both single and double pedal players. It comes with a CD, and the opening solo is frightening because it was all played on a single pedal!!! This book has lots of great exercises, and will keep you busy for many months. I highly recommend you buy it. It can be obtained from , Rimshot Publications, Tel/fax: +44(0)1 642 596 661.


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