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Musical Stew


Above is a very basic rhythm that will become the basis for our groove. What is groove? Well, simply put, it's the difference between what you play, and how you play it. So instead of just keeping steady time with a basic beat, add a few of the following ideas to improve your groove!

You could also think of the groove as musical stew! I always like to compare cooking to music, as I qualified as a chef after leaving school. Imagine your rhythm is a bowl of basic boring stew! Add a few carrots, and a bit of onion, and it starts to taste better, right?! Only don't over do it otherwise you might not like the taste! It is the same with rhythm: don't make things too busy - otherwise things may sound worse, rather than better.

Here we have the addition of using open hi hat to the rhythm. Think of this as adding pepper to your stew! Maybe a little more pepper, or a little less? You decide!

Here we have the addition of accents to the rhythm. Accents are played louder than normal strokes. Most of the accents are also syncopated, (off beats). Think of these ideas as a little onion and salt! Ummm smells (sounds) good!

By now you should be getting the idea, and you can add any new technique you wish. Here are a few sayings to help you improve the groove.

I must improve my groove, less is more and If in doubt leave it out.

Also try and listen to these two songs which in my opinion have great grooves.

Walk this way (Aerosmith) and Honky tonk woman (Rolling Stones).

"So get grooving - and good luck!"


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